Report an Incident

The primary purpose of an Incident Report is to uncover the circumstances and conditions that led to the incident and prevent the same or a similar incident from happening in the future. Every incident report you file should contain a minimum of the following: Type of incident (injury, near miss, property damage, or theft).

  • Download the Incident Report (word format).
  • Retain at least one blank copy in the Club’s Health & Safety binder.
  • When there is a reportable incident, complete the form. Email a copy to Swimming Otago whilst retaining a copy in the Club’s Health & Safety folder.

Hazard Register

A hazard register is a place for your Club to document all hazards associated with your operation. Each Club will have a unique hazard register because each Club is unique, although it is common for clubs to share the same hazards and risks in their hazards register.

First Aid Register

This First Aid Register is used to record incidents that require first aid treatment on site.